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  • Pets Of Gold Custom Portrait ICON (rectangle)Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Contemporary Pet Portrait Animal Artist Dog Painting Athens Georgia Will Eskridge

    Pets of Gold Custom Portrait ICON (rectangle)

    Full Size/Prices: Small: 9x12" --- $430 Medium: 12x16" --- $770 Large: 16x20" --- $1280 Extra Large: 18x24" ---$1730 IMPORTANT: Payment is for 1st installment only. 2nd installment to be paid when portrait is completed. All portraits are painted from your photos. Please send well-lit and in-focus photos here. (Headshots are must!)Select options
  • 4 Pack Animal Spirits4 Pack Prayer Candle Spirit Animal Art Will Eskridge

    4 Pack Animal Spirits

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  • Oreamnos Phases

    Oreamnos Phases

    8 x 10 inches cyanotype photogram on paperAdd to cart
  • 18×24″ Pet Portrait

    18×24″ Pet Portrait

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  • 16×20″ Pet Portrait

    16×20″ Pet Portrait

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  • 12×16″ Pet Portrait

    12×16″ Pet Portrait

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  • 9×12 Pet Portrait

    9×12 Pet Portrait

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