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Welcome to the Custom Pet Portrait Adventure! I will be your guide! Your animal companion is family. A loving and caring being who is always there for you. I am here to capture the life and spirit of your beloved animal companion.

The pet portrait adventure is simple. All portraits are painted from your photos. The best portraits are painted from high quality (300dpi), well-lit and in-focus photographs. Full head shots are a must. Due to drying time and depending on workload, lead time is about 6-8 weeks.

Commissions start at $430 for a 9×12” canvas. I require a 50% installment before work can begin. Below, you can select the size you would like and make a 50% installment to book your commission portrait and then send your photo(s) by email. When the painting is completed, I will email you a photo of it for your approval. Once you approved the portrait I will send you a link to make the last installment and I will ship within 2-3 days.

Book your custom pet portrait today!

(one subject per canvas – please contact me for multiple subjects on one canvas) 

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